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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSHE2ED2014

Semester and Year Offered:Monsoon Semester, every year

Course Coordinator and Team: Dr Oinam Hemlata Devi

Email of course coordinator:hemlata[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in

Pre-requisites: None

Course Objectives/Description:

This course consists of three sections. An introductory module on social science research of section I is followed by two main sections. The second section on Basic Research Skills will help the students consolidate their basic academic and research skills through formal activity-centered, hands-on training. There are no prescribed readings for the course. Worksheets and some reading material will be distributed during the classroom interaction.

The third section provides an introduction to research and research design bringing the knowledge of theoretical foundation and research ethics of social science research consisting of the formulation of a research problem, research questions, and objectives to deconstruct a research design for understanding general framework of research.

This course will have continuous assessment in the form of classroom and take-home assignments to be done individually, in pairs and in groups. The repertoire of skills included will hold the students in good stead for the remainder of the Master’s programme and will also constitute the foundation for qualitative and quantitative research methods training that they are required to undertake.

Learning Objectives:

  • Train the students the basic elements of research.
  • Know the basic tenets of research as a creative and strategic process
  • Train students to think logically and scientifically in a multi-disciplinary framework.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and evaluate alternative approaches to ways of problem solving
  • Logical reasoning, argumentation skills and use of the scientific method
  • Formulation of a logical, relevant and practicable research design

Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate key elements and concepts in Social Science Research.
  2. Exhibit reading a worthwhile experience, by showing competencies in comprehension reading and analysis skillwhen making inferences and implying to the main idea or relating one reading with other readings or with the context of real world problems and issues.
  3. Communicate better ideas throughthe skills of effective writing, assessing a systematically organised thought process before the actual writing begins, giving credits to the original writers.
  4. Use specialised software of referencing, i.e. Mendeley reference manager.
  5. Establish an awareness of logical reasoning to read, analyse, argument and interpretcritically from an open minded and reasoned perspective with the course materials that are related to the core courses of MA in Environment and Development.
  6. Work in teams, proactive and peer learning to bring a balanced quality laden scholarship.
  7. Apply creative, logical and scientific rigour in identifying, analysing and interpreting a problem under study.
  8. Ability to plan, design and execute a study following an appropriate set of research skills and ethical guidelines.
  9. Equip with the skills of presentation, team work and discussion sessionsto deliver the values of multicultural aptitude and curiosity for research on various issues.

Brief description of modules/ Main modules:

  • Section I: Introduction to Social Science Research (4 hours):
  • Section II: Basic Research Skills (34 hours)
  • Section III: Research Design (12 hours)

Assessment details with weights:

There will be a continuous assessment of the classroom activities and end-term examination. The Classroom activities are the learning process which should be flexible enough to provide the students time and scope for improvement. The students have to perform well in both the examinations.



Weightage in percentage


Continuous assessment (set of classroom activities )



End term examination